A Bigger World

September 22, 2008

My sister sat outside my room, cuddling in her blanket, with a binder on her lap and a pen in her hand.

She sought the light coming from within my room to finish her homework after fajer.

I looked at her and noticed the textbook she had with her. Grade 9 Science. A picture of lightning struck across the cover of the old book. It looked like it was on it’s death bed, ready to fall apart with the flip of a page.

That same lightning rod image on the book struck me as I remembered sitting in highschool, years ago, using that same exact book. It was brand new at the time I used it; the school had just bought them and we were one of the first generations to use them. Looking at the book, I smiled and flipped through it. SubhanaAllah, everything came back rushing at once…All the images and chapters hit me somewhere at the back of my mind…The strength of memory!

There is one thing though, that never ceases to tickle my mind…Everything from childhood seems smaller when we grow!! What used to be the heaviest textbook in my bag in grade 9 back then, now looked like the smallest of books I have come across!

And that’s happened to me so many times…I remember walking through my elementary school and thinking, “it’s soo tiny!!”…I had the same experience when I re-visited my highschool a year after graduation…

Everything in my memory seems to be bigger!

I wonder why…

SubhanaAllah 🙂