This Stage of Life..


I’m at this stage of life where I can’t seem to find patience in anything. I want everything to happen right here and now and I can’t stand waiting for answers to life’s questions!

Thinking about how impatient I have become these past few weeks an idea crossed my mind. Could technology have affected me in this? Cellphones, emails, USB’s, cars, credit cards, and just about everything else in life…it’s all about decreasing the amount of time doing something and getting the info we need instantly…

Today, I made a deal with a person to buy me a book and I gave them the money so they would get it for me. After about an hour, I found a friend who had a copy of the book and was willing to give it to me. Right away, I wanted to contact the first person to tell them I was no longer interested in the deal. Realizing I had no way of getting to them instantly, I sighed and thought ‘They probably already paid for the book anyways’. I ended up paying around 60 more dollars than I would have… 😦

I wish there was a pill one can take to increase patience…

4 Responses to This Stage of Life..

  1. Amatullah says:

    SubhanAllah ukhtee, I feel the same way! We’re so used to instant gratification in this culture that we’re becoming de-sensitized to a lot of things…one of them being patience. SubhanAllah, my mom was telling me about how they did laundry back in the day (and my mom is not even out of her 40s yet) and I was like wow..that’s a lot of work!
    I feel like we’re so lazy and impatient nowadays. Allahul Musta’aan!

  2. hiddensouls says:

    I know exactly what you mean…I always want everything at my fingertips!!

  3. student says:

    dear sis,

    if there was such a pill as a sabr pill, all drugstores would be constantly sold out, and all the customers would become addicted to it, and no one would have the patience to wait for the drug marts to restock on patience pills…Do you appreciate the irony? 😉

  4. hiddensouls says:

    mashaAllah….that is very wise 🙂
    I love your comment..

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