No, you’ve already been reported…

The morning was ruined by those around her. She went early to work, hoping to get lots done before the crowd came in. As she set up her experiment, they walked in talking about a new song. A disgusting song. A song so explicit she wanted to throw up. Within seconds one of them had his laptop opened to play the song…

She left her bench and went outside…Gave them a few minutes to finish admiring the song while she called a friend…

When she went back in the lab, she found them on yet another very explicit and disturbing song. She grabbed her iPod and went to the washroom to shove her headphones in her ears underneath her hijab.

Back in the lab, one of the guys apologized…said they were done with that kind of music and that now he would put on something better. ‘Oh good! They noticed what they did was wrong!’ She thought to herself then said: “Good!”. They know she does not even listen to music to begin with. GRR…She felt weak she didn’t do something to stop them…

A few minutes later, another guy who was also listening to the song said: “You know you can get in trouble for sexual harassment”. The one who played the music replied: “Why, are you going to report me _____ ?”. “No, I’m just saying you should be careful” _____ replied back.

To them I weakly say: If this whole skit was done to see my reaction and whether or not I will report you for such behavior (which will get you in loads of ….), then no, do not worry…I don’t need to report you as you’ve already been reported…to Allah azza wa jal. And that, is plenty for me…

3 Responses to No, you’ve already been reported…

  1. Seen says:

    Thank you…for making me see it this way…I went through something similar and I wanted to ask your advice about it…but here it is…I wish I read it earlier though..Allah yijziki kil kheir

  2. hiddensouls says:

    Wa iyyakom 🙂
    I’m glad you found it of some benefit…
    I know I was very angry at the time…but no worries…each will be rewarded for what they did 🙂

    Jazakillahu khairan for dropping by and leaving a comment…I miss you 🙂

  3. Seen says:

    That was fast!
    I miss you too 🙂

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