Just another normal day…


No Comment…

3 Responses to Just another normal day…

  1. Oh my Allah…
    DD? Or just some faggot maniac?

  2. hiddensouls says:

    It took me for ever to figure out what DD stood for…finally got it!

    I have no idea! I think just a maniac though!

    I think sudden death is one of the scariest things ever…

  3. aww I’m so sorry! Sometimes I can be a little egocentric and not realize the whole world knows what I know 😦
    Ameen. La Ilah Illa Allah. Makes you think about how vulnerable we all are, eh? Could be any moment… yet we waste so many 😦

    They do say that death isn’t for the dead. It’s a reminder for the living.


    And sorry for the completely random ramblings!!

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