November 30, 2008

It’s all been written…so relax!


…And a breath to follow…

November 25, 2008

Please…Label them not as random words strung together,
Sometimes it is the things that make no sense at all
that give us all the insight we need….
Sometimes it is the things we are looking for hardest
that we are never meant to find….
Sometimes it is the things we wait for the longest,
that are never meant to come….
Sometimes it is within the deepest mystery
that we find all our clues.
Sometimes it is the things we yearn for the most,
that would be of greatest harm to us.
Sometimes it is when we try our hardest,
that the doors seem to all be locked.
Sometimes it is what hurts the most,
that brings us most relief.
Sometimes it is when we look too deep for beauty
that we are permanently blind from it.
Sometimes it is when we search too deep for answers
that the questions become more sophisticated.
Sometimes when it can’t seem to get colder,
it snows…
And I believe
that this may be the winter of her life…
Curious how flowers never seem to manage well in this weather,
but in spring they bloom!!
So tell that flower, tell her gently,
whisper to her fragile, lovely petals…
that it is only a matter of time
before the snow melts,
and spring arrives.
And tell that flower not to let the world wilt it so,
because sunshine is overhead.
It is frustrating that the flower can’t see its own beauty!
When everyone around, just longs to pick it!
But let it be, let it be.
Every season has its right to stay.
Don’t you see the rainbow after every storm?
Or hear twice that relief shall follow hardship?
So enjoy the mystery,
enjoy the fear,
enjoy the doubt,
enjoy the change,
enjoy the pressure,
enjoy the impossible-just because you know these factors cannot last forever
Nobody said it was going to be easy,
but nobody said you can’t enjoy it either.
Even the stone gargoyle,
comes to life in a serene night.
That gargoyle should teach us
to enjoy what we don’t understand,
you never understood their babble,
but sometimes it is what we don’t understand,
like english speaking gargoyles,
or the distance of the stars,
that fascinate us most.
You don’t understand life? So what?
Let it fascinate you instead.
And above everyone who has knowledge is someone who has more knowledge.
So wait for that serenity,
wait for the rainbow,
wait for the season of flowers.
And know that “I love you”
is the language of flowers…
There will never be enough flowers,
or enough of that phrase for the loveliest flower….
And tell that flower to dry her tears,
because there are gardens and gardens and gardens
that await patiently
for her seeds of wisdom…
to be shared.

Another Breath

November 24, 2008

Her heart just froze.
She longed for this moment.
She prayed for it. 
Alas, it came. 

A smile and a tear.

She looked around.
It wasn’t spinning.
It was all too natural, so real.

It sunk right in, and she lost feeling.
Come out of your shelter!
You knew it was coming..and yet you let it be.
How weak you are!

It blew in her face like the wind.
It was so obvious, and has been for long, yet she was deceived. 
It was so clear, and yet, she was blind.
The ease with which wind travels. 
The speed.
The cold.
It’s just as easy for them.
After all, that’s how they were created.

Her words were known.
But…sadly..barely practiced.

The final puzzle piece fit in properly. 
For too long she tried at the wrong piece.
Too bad.
She wasn’t in it.
A picture.
A blurry one.
And yet another.
Of snow topped mountains and…eagles?
Soaring high.
Bold and strong.
Small in comparison.
Getting back to the point.
It was now perfect. 
She could see it all.
But still, she refused to believe it. 
What was wrong with her?
Where is this leash tying her down?
Where are those gargoyles?
She wanted to fly.

Hold on a second!
What was the point?
Had she gone through the same path?
Yet again?!
Surely, this shall be the last of this.
And why you ask?
Well, because there’s almost no pie left.
That’s why!

The wind kept blowing.
The water shimmered and the world stood still.
Amidst all the chaos, everything froze.
Except for one thing.
She knew it was there.
It was the driving force.
It was behind it all.
But she could no longer feel it.
It hid pretty well.
What a loser.
She wanted to dig it out.
Throw it to the sky.
And watch it crystallize in the freezing cold.
And become a star.
Ever so bright.
The tell-tale heart.

Her body was numb.
And it felt good.
On any other day, she would have been cursing.
But not tonight, not tonight.
She welcomed feeling nothing but inside pain.
The threshold was reached.
And she enjoyed the piercing pain.
She called for more of it.
How strange it is.
When the body is numb from physical pain.
Physical pain?
What was that?
Move aside.
She searched for it again.
Come out and face the world.
Can it really be put to blame?
It is warm in there.
Still left with hope.
True, false hope it was.
But nonetheless, hope.

Her answer came.
And she felt nothing.
But bitter sweet love.

She shattered.
And they walked away.

I have to move on now.

These words sounded familiar.
Where were they from?
It was there all along!

“Just a bit more?”

Oh. Now you come out.
Repeat: I have to move on now.

Thank you. Thank you for making this the best night. I needed it more than ever.

P.S. the cell phone died…

No. No, I did not.

November 23, 2008

An email.
From the Registrar of university.

“Hidden Souls”,

We hope that you have enjoyed your educational experience during the 2008 Fall
semester now drawing to a close and wish you luck on your exams.

Uhh…No. I did not.

The Trip of A Life Time

November 22, 2008

Between millions of people, going to worship Him only during hajj, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala knows us by name, knows our concerns, our dua’as, our pleas, and just about everything else… 

That time of the year is coming close again, and my heart aches knowing that I will not be going…For those of us going, I suggest reading these (short and very beneficial) posts I got from True and Good Words:

Realizing The Importance of Hajj
Aiming for Perfection
Patience, Patience, and some more Patience!
Plan and Prepare
Check out the Prep guide in the above post!! Brilliant mashaAllah!
Remembering Allah Throughout

I look forward to this journey when I can stand beside the rich and the poor, the black and the white, worrying about nothing but pleasing Allah and getting my sins forgiven inshaAllah…

I have found this documentary very touching (yes it made me cry) and I couldn’t help but wish I could be there right now!

(I am posting it from Google Video but you can also find it in YouTube cut up into five parts)

National Geographic Inside Mecca

And for a good laugh, LOL, check this out:


Make duaa for those not there!

Intelligent Faith

November 22, 2008

 The Role of Reason and Intellect in Islam

Yasir Qadhi 

My Personal Struggle

November 22, 2008

I wanted to name this post “My Personal J-word”…but let’s play safe, just in case 😉

Sometimes, like right now, I hate the world of academia. I hate everything about it. I was born to be wild. You can’t chain me behind glass walls and ask me to learn how to integrate pressure and volume formulas. 

I need to be doing something, I need to be someone. I need to get out of this cage that is killing my creativity. 

Sometimes, just sometimes, I hate school. 

But most of the time, I enjoy that bitter taste and horrible gut feeling of being screwed for an exam. 

I truly believe I hate physical chemistry. 

Physical Chemistry is my personal struggle. If I ever pass this course and become someone who has a say in university, I will not make it a requirement for biochem students. Because frankly, I don’t need to know how to differentiate del V over del T as S remains constant and relate it to some other crap I don’t know. What I do know is that I finished all the biochem courses they offer and I really don’t need this knowledge to isolate my proteins and test if the drug I used influenced the structure of the protein or not.

But, then again, with the right intention, I’m hoping for lots of ajer going through this personal struggle of mine.

The Irony of “The Second Law”

November 21, 2008

I know I promised myself I won’t post anything till after my physical chemistry midterm, but I couldn’t help but laugh at one of the slides while studying…check this out:

Irony of the Second Law: Entropy

The universe tends towards more random, disorganized states.

This is a rather loose statement of the second law of thermodynamics and our way of quantitating the disorder and randomized motion in one state versus another is a state function called entropy:

Increasing entropy means increasing disorder and randomized motion.

Melodramatic viewpoint: Every star that burns, every planet whose orbit is slowly decaying, every breath you take and calorie you metabolize brings the universe closer and closer to the point when the entropy is maximized, organized movement of any kind ceases, and nothing ever happens again. There is no escape. No matter how magnificent life in the universe become or how advanced, the slow increase in entropy cannot be stopped – the universe will eventually die.

Irony of the second law:

Without the second law, nothing would ever happen at all. With it, the universe is doomed.



Adding to that, and those who don’t believe, are doomed as well…

The Strong. And the not-so-strong.

November 20, 2008


If there is one thing I learned, it’s that there are two types of people. Those who are strong, and those who aren’t. Now this rambling isn’t fact or anything…In fact, I’m doing just that, “rambling”…

You see, I’ve noticed that the not-so-strong people sometimes feed on the strength of those who have it. They like to be around those who show strength. They befriend them until they become their source of strength. And this way, they end up feeling strong themselves. They seek the strength…they satisfy their need…

Or, there’s the second approach.  If they do not befriend those who are stronger than them, they resort to becoming rebels and distinguished memebers of society, somehow, anyhow…so long as they are noticed…Also satisfying their need for strength by being noticed…

Now the question is, where do the strong get their strength from?

to be continued…after midterms…

Second Chances?

November 19, 2008


So we were discussing the concept of giving people “Second Chances” and I couldn’t believe that some don’t think people deserve this opportunity! 

If our God subhanahu wa ta’ala gives us second, third, forth, and heck, infinite chances…who are we to not give others a second chance??

All I could say in reply to the person who does not believe in giving others second chances is: “You might regret saying that one day”…

When I brought up how important “forgiveness” was they said that to forgive is ok, but not to forget…And ok, while I see the point there, I still think people do deserve a second chance sometimes!

Give others a second chance, so when you need one, others will give it to you…

It’s White Again

November 18, 2008


It’s Winter again alhamdulillah.

It’s time to shiver, to freeze, to get sick, to hide inside…

But it’s also a Muslim’s favorite time…Why?

Well because the days are short and easy to fast as the Prophet peace be upon him taught us!

And the nights are long and so it becomes easy for us get up and pray

So make sure you use this winter wisely inshaAllah!

Stop! Rewind…

November 17, 2008

I’ve been meaning to write for a long time, but everytime I try, all the thoughts rush out all at once and I am left trying to make sense of loose ends…

And then I found it.

Prime Real Estate!!

November 14, 2008

Rasul Allah, sal Allah alayhi wa sallam, said, “Amongst the
beautiful (characteristics) of a person’s Islam is that he pays
no heed to that which does not concern him.”
– Tirmidhi

[Lessons from this Hadith]
Your mind is PRIME real estate. If you had a piece of land
right beside the greatest world attraction, wouldn’t you open the
most amazing store on it?

Your brain and your life is more precious then that peice of
land. Only build on it that which concerns your success in this
life and the next.

For the next seven day, ask yourself this question daily, “Am I
using my time right now towards that which benefits me?”

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
– Muhammad Alshareef


There is another hadeeth, I read a while back and I have been meaning to talk about here but I just haven’t found the chance to do so yet…inshaAllah I will soon though 🙂

I miss waking up early for a fresh doese of hadeeth read to me by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Yaser Birjas…I really do…May Allah reward them..

Ahlan wa Sahlan :)

November 12, 2008

Assalamu Alaikum all…

I would just like to take this chance to welcome Daughter of Pearls to this blog 🙂

I’ve added her for a while…and the post below was the first she wrote 🙂

Jazakillahu khairan D. of Pearls!!

Hope to read more things by you inshaAllah…

Hand Of Hope…

November 12, 2008


SubhanAllah…this picture just spoke to me!! (Actually, my mom spoke to me about this picture 🙂 but really I found it so touching!)

A surgeon was performing surgery (surprise) on a mother’s infant (still unborn) and just as he was sewing her up the baby held his hand….He was shocked, he felt as if the baby was thanking him….SubhanAllah…