Breach of Covenant – Tafseer Surat Albaqarah

The battle was raging wrong…
Musaylimah’s forces ripped through the ranks of the Companions…
They would not lose…
they could not lose…
a simple rock…
a podium for honor and truth, so it shall be…
The Liar would not win, could not, Ammar ibn Yasser would not allow it…
Certainty filled his lungs… the call of criterion… division between the believers and the Liar…

“يا أصحاب سورة البقره! يا حملة القرآن “

“Then the cities of Islam grew, and illiteracy disappeared from amongst the Arabs because of their constant occupation with the Qur’an.”
– Ibn Khaldun: Al-Muqaddima

When was the last time you got to drink from this ocean? 

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef
Qabeelat Ittihaad – Windsor, ON
January 2009
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