Raging Within

She ran, and then ran faster
Minutes and they would be waiting
The thoughts that crossed her mind left her hopeless
Should she dare? Or is it useless?
The ever so gentle breeze
cooled her burning cheeks
The shedding yellow green trees
colored the long winding streets
A thought crossed her mind: What if it’s too late? 
Whatever; She can’t handle this state!
Why can’t they understand
That she fell and needs a hand
Why can’t they see, things will be ok!
Or is she the blind, grasping at a rope of hay?
How long will it be till she reaches the hopes of mercy?
How long will it be till she gets a taste of ecstasy?
She was finally at her car
They were already waiting not far
She started it, opened the window, and zoomed off into the night
Nothing would ruin tonight
The moon was lit so bright
“Wow”, what a sight…


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