My Childhood Girlfriend…A mother!

My childhood friend since grade 7 is now, alhamdulillah, a mother to a beautiful girl mashaAllah!

SubhanaAllah, newborns are truly a miracle! I couldn’t believe that less than a day ago, this new being was inside a womb, protected and secure…SubhanaAllah, I am still in awe!!

Here’s what I made her for a gift: 🙂




It’s a Baby’s First Year Calendar that includes hundreds of stickers saying things like: First Word, First Step, First Tooth, First Family Trip, etc.. (You get the idea!)





I got her a Winne the Pooh kit (that matches the calendar above) to create something like this:





I also got three white and blank creepers + Iron On Transfer Paper

creepers    iron-on

Created these then printed them on! (And yes, that’s a picture of the new baby girl I was able to get my hands on 😛 lol) Each one of the images went on a separate creeper 🙂  Alhamdulillah, they turned out really nice!

lamise-11  lamise-23  lamise-3


I hope she likes them inshaAllah!! 



2 Responses to My Childhood Girlfriend…A mother!

  1. Strive says:

    When I get a baby (inshaAllah), I’m expecting something like this! JazakiAllahu khairen in advance 🙂

  2. hiddensouls says:

    you’ve got a LOOOONG way to
    We will see by then inshaAllah!

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