Toxoplasma gondii

Since I should be studying, and clearly I am not, I thought of making studying a bit more fun by sharing this video…

Many have asked me what it is I am doing my 4th year research on. At this point I basically just do whatever I am told, as I am no expert in the lab…I’m really just starting to figure out what it is that I have to accomplish within the next 7 months of this thesis project…

SubhanaAllah, within the short period of time I have been in the lab I have learned many things about myself and the world in general, all the way from science to da’wah…I never thought lab work would benefit me and change me that much…As the semester goes, I am sure I’ll be rambling more about this inshaAllah

So for those of you wondering, these are the little things I work with…

InshaAllah, as I learn more about my new founded family and my new home, Toxoplasma gondii and the lab that is, I will post more info about this madness 🙂


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