The Irony of “The Second Law”

I know I promised myself I won’t post anything till after my physical chemistry midterm, but I couldn’t help but laugh at one of the slides while studying…check this out:

Irony of the Second Law: Entropy

The universe tends towards more random, disorganized states.

This is a rather loose statement of the second law of thermodynamics and our way of quantitating the disorder and randomized motion in one state versus another is a state function called entropy:

Increasing entropy means increasing disorder and randomized motion.

Melodramatic viewpoint: Every star that burns, every planet whose orbit is slowly decaying, every breath you take and calorie you metabolize brings the universe closer and closer to the point when the entropy is maximized, organized movement of any kind ceases, and nothing ever happens again. There is no escape. No matter how magnificent life in the universe become or how advanced, the slow increase in entropy cannot be stopped – the universe will eventually die.

Irony of the second law:

Without the second law, nothing would ever happen at all. With it, the universe is doomed.



Adding to that, and those who don’t believe, are doomed as well…


3 Responses to The Irony of “The Second Law”

  1. strive says:


  2. Sarah says:

    loooooooooool we just did entropy today 🙂
    what are the chances of me seeing this..

    what a weird law…

  3. hiddensouls says:


    A weird law made by weird people 🙂

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