The Trip of A Life Time

Between millions of people, going to worship Him only during hajj, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala knows us by name, knows our concerns, our dua’as, our pleas, and just about everything else… 

That time of the year is coming close again, and my heart aches knowing that I will not be going…For those of us going, I suggest reading these (short and very beneficial) posts I got from True and Good Words:

Realizing The Importance of Hajj
Aiming for Perfection
Patience, Patience, and some more Patience!
Plan and Prepare
Check out the Prep guide in the above post!! Brilliant mashaAllah!
Remembering Allah Throughout

I look forward to this journey when I can stand beside the rich and the poor, the black and the white, worrying about nothing but pleasing Allah and getting my sins forgiven inshaAllah…

I have found this documentary very touching (yes it made me cry) and I couldn’t help but wish I could be there right now!

(I am posting it from Google Video but you can also find it in YouTube cut up into five parts)

National Geographic Inside Mecca

And for a good laugh, LOL, check this out:


Make duaa for those not there!


3 Responses to The Trip of A Life Time

  1. A Sinful Slave says:

    I merely skimmed thru the vids…the drape part were amazing…SubhaanAllah…really shows the qudrat of Lord…

  2. A Sinful Slave says:


  3. hiddensouls says:

    🙂 inshaAllah they were of benefit..

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