Another Breath

Her heart just froze.
She longed for this moment.
She prayed for it. 
Alas, it came. 

A smile and a tear.

She looked around.
It wasn’t spinning.
It was all too natural, so real.

It sunk right in, and she lost feeling.
Come out of your shelter!
You knew it was coming..and yet you let it be.
How weak you are!

It blew in her face like the wind.
It was so obvious, and has been for long, yet she was deceived. 
It was so clear, and yet, she was blind.
The ease with which wind travels. 
The speed.
The cold.
It’s just as easy for them.
After all, that’s how they were created.

Her words were known.
But…sadly..barely practiced.

The final puzzle piece fit in properly. 
For too long she tried at the wrong piece.
Too bad.
She wasn’t in it.
A picture.
A blurry one.
And yet another.
Of snow topped mountains and…eagles?
Soaring high.
Bold and strong.
Small in comparison.
Getting back to the point.
It was now perfect. 
She could see it all.
But still, she refused to believe it. 
What was wrong with her?
Where is this leash tying her down?
Where are those gargoyles?
She wanted to fly.

Hold on a second!
What was the point?
Had she gone through the same path?
Yet again?!
Surely, this shall be the last of this.
And why you ask?
Well, because there’s almost no pie left.
That’s why!

The wind kept blowing.
The water shimmered and the world stood still.
Amidst all the chaos, everything froze.
Except for one thing.
She knew it was there.
It was the driving force.
It was behind it all.
But she could no longer feel it.
It hid pretty well.
What a loser.
She wanted to dig it out.
Throw it to the sky.
And watch it crystallize in the freezing cold.
And become a star.
Ever so bright.
The tell-tale heart.

Her body was numb.
And it felt good.
On any other day, she would have been cursing.
But not tonight, not tonight.
She welcomed feeling nothing but inside pain.
The threshold was reached.
And she enjoyed the piercing pain.
She called for more of it.
How strange it is.
When the body is numb from physical pain.
Physical pain?
What was that?
Move aside.
She searched for it again.
Come out and face the world.
Can it really be put to blame?
It is warm in there.
Still left with hope.
True, false hope it was.
But nonetheless, hope.

Her answer came.
And she felt nothing.
But bitter sweet love.

She shattered.
And they walked away.

I have to move on now.

These words sounded familiar.
Where were they from?
It was there all along!

“Just a bit more?”

Oh. Now you come out.
Repeat: I have to move on now.

Thank you. Thank you for making this the best night. I needed it more than ever.

P.S. the cell phone died…


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