…And a breath to follow…

Please…Label them not as random words strung together,
Sometimes it is the things that make no sense at all
that give us all the insight we need….
Sometimes it is the things we are looking for hardest
that we are never meant to find….
Sometimes it is the things we wait for the longest,
that are never meant to come….
Sometimes it is within the deepest mystery
that we find all our clues.
Sometimes it is the things we yearn for the most,
that would be of greatest harm to us.
Sometimes it is when we try our hardest,
that the doors seem to all be locked.
Sometimes it is what hurts the most,
that brings us most relief.
Sometimes it is when we look too deep for beauty
that we are permanently blind from it.
Sometimes it is when we search too deep for answers
that the questions become more sophisticated.
Sometimes when it can’t seem to get colder,
it snows…
And I believe
that this may be the winter of her life…
Curious how flowers never seem to manage well in this weather,
but in spring they bloom!!
So tell that flower, tell her gently,
whisper to her fragile, lovely petals…
that it is only a matter of time
before the snow melts,
and spring arrives.
And tell that flower not to let the world wilt it so,
because sunshine is overhead.
It is frustrating that the flower can’t see its own beauty!
When everyone around, just longs to pick it!
But let it be, let it be.
Every season has its right to stay.
Don’t you see the rainbow after every storm?
Or hear twice that relief shall follow hardship?
So enjoy the mystery,
enjoy the fear,
enjoy the doubt,
enjoy the change,
enjoy the pressure,
enjoy the impossible-just because you know these factors cannot last forever
Nobody said it was going to be easy,
but nobody said you can’t enjoy it either.
Even the stone gargoyle,
comes to life in a serene night.
That gargoyle should teach us
to enjoy what we don’t understand,
you never understood their babble,
but sometimes it is what we don’t understand,
like english speaking gargoyles,
or the distance of the stars,
that fascinate us most.
You don’t understand life? So what?
Let it fascinate you instead.
And above everyone who has knowledge is someone who has more knowledge.
So wait for that serenity,
wait for the rainbow,
wait for the season of flowers.
And know that “I love you”
is the language of flowers…
There will never be enough flowers,
or enough of that phrase for the loveliest flower….
And tell that flower to dry her tears,
because there are gardens and gardens and gardens
that await patiently
for her seeds of wisdom…
to be shared.


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