Eid Mubarak Bloggers!

Well, here we are, nearing the end of yet another Hijri year…

May Allah bless us with a more pious following year filled more acts of worship and more good deeds inshaAllah…

A wise one once said:

Indeed, the days are over…What remains is nothing but a record of good deeds or bad deeds…

As is with all of life, it will all end, and nothing will remain but a record for us to witness and obtain on the day of judgement…inshaAllah we are of those who get their book with their right hand..

May this year end in happiness and forgiveness for all…May Allah forgive us, and accept all our actions..

Remember your fellow ummah in your dua’as this eid! 🙂





2 Responses to Eid Mubarak Bloggers!

  1. Eid Mubarak to you too! I hope you have an amazing Eid, and an even better new year. =)

  2. dania says:

    EID MUBARAK!! <33

    taqabAllah mena wa minkum 😀

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