Hit the books! (no matter what!)

Going through finals, we whine and complain, we wish it would all end, we start hating on school and the invention of the classroom…

As you sit and study for your finals, remember how fortunate you are…And most importantly, remember that you will be questioned…for everything you are learning, and for the opportunities you are given…

You can own the world with what you have. Others, have owned the world by being content 🙂

Truly, contentment is an everlasting treasure..



7 Responses to Hit the books! (no matter what!)

  1. abihim says:

    Assalam Alaikum
    I stumbled upon your blog, Mashallah it is very good & informative.

  2. Umm Travis says:

    jazackallah khair for the reminder … really needed it as I procrastinate and complain about my Arabic exams!

  3. I’m guilty on all three counts: I’ve been whining, complaining, and hating. A lot. =(
    So JAK for the reminder. And the very touching picture!
    InshAllah I’ll be sure to say alhamdulilah from here on in =)
    Oh and g’luck!!

  4. hiddensouls says:

    🙂 I am the biggest complainer about school…this post was a reminder for myself first and foremost lol…and it also serves as a reminder whenever I come on here that I should not be online and should rather be studying…I’m forcing myself off wordpress this way lol…

  5. Seen says:

    loool to your comment
    But a much needed reminder 😀

  6. dania says:

    this picture gets me EVERYTIME… i wish i had that commitment!! subhanAllah!

    ppl like that get places…

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