How do you see it?


I thought it would be cool to say what you see in each pair of eyes for this picture for both the cat and the baby…

For example,

I see:

Cat: Mmm..lunch is served…

Baby:  I wish I could swim in a fishbowl too…I wonder what would happen if I just put my hand in….

And it is cool how one object can spark completely different thoughts and emotions depending on who you are and how you look at it…

You can be really curious, or you might take it for granted…


4 Responses to How do you see it?

  1. strive says:

    Lol, I thought of the opposite, of the cat saying:
    If only I could just dip my paw in…

    Baby: Its looking at me!

  2. hiddensouls says:


    I see…amazement in the baby’s eyes…

    and plotting in the cat’s brain 😛

  3. me :) says:

    hehe here’s one y’all probably didn’t think of:

    fish: why are they all staring at me? They’re freaking me out! Ahhh I want to swim away but I can’t in this tiny stupid fish bowl! I miss the ocean :S… Wait. I’ve never been there! Well, I miss the pet store.. At least there I had a whole meter to swim in… AND no one looked at me like I was dinner or their toy!

    poor fish 😦

  4. strive says:

    We forgot about the fish!!

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