Another poem I wrote a long time ago…but again, I think applies…
How do I begin an endless apology??
I am sorry, Gaza.
I am neglectful, I know.
The least I can do, is very little,
But I don’t even present that much.

I am sorry, dead and silenced infants.
I know that in another setting I could have been you.
After all, what am I but a child of Palestine too.
Allah has mercifully granted me a longer life,
And I wish I could use it to make a difference in yours.

I am sorry, imprisoned and starving citizens.
You teach us bravery everyday, but we still stand cowardly.

I am sorry, grape vines and fig trees.
What you give is so sweet,
but we are distracted by everything in life that is sweet,
And in that we forget to protect you.

I am sorry, broken olive branch,
I almost relied on murders to ensure that you can grow in peace.
I will NOT apologize to them, I promise.
But I will apologize to you,

Apologies are the hardest actions!
They are words we utter,
Knowing that what is done is done,
And they don’t seem to fix anything at all,
Even if the victim is forgiving…
But for you Palestine,
The apologies never end.

I am sorry Palestine,
I know we have been gone
for far, far, far too long.
I hear your call…
And I am sorry I still have not answered it.

February 19, 2008

5 Responses to Apology

  1. dania says:

    thats beautiful 😀 mashAllah

  2. hiddensouls says:

    It is mashaAllah…

    But your opinion is biased considering who the Author of the poem is 🙂

    What is even more amazing, is that this was written long ago…and it still applies…

  3. MashAllah!! That’s very, very touching.

    I’ve started my own apology poem quite a few times. I’ve never been able to finish it though. Feelings of shame and guilt kill. I wouldn’t know what to say, if I met a Palestinian, one that had suffered and endured and wondered where the rest of the world was. The shamed and guilty part wants to squirm and look away when I see their haunted eyes on the TV. Protests and talks and rallies. And they die, or watch their loved ones die, and starve. And wonder were their brothers and sisters are.


    Anyway, my personal burden aside, that is a wonderful poem mashAllah 3alyki.
    But, I think it’s sad that it still applied today =(
    La Illah Illa Allah

  4. hiddensouls says:

    I told “Daughter of Pearls” she has a talent…

    *waiting for her to comment back* 😛

  5. DaughterofPearls says:

    JazakAllah khair dania and S&S (btw, I love your blog)…although its weird to sit here and be like thanks because the subject is so serious and heartbreaking..

    *as for ‘hiddensouls’ my comment back is that you are even more talented :)*

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