My Dream

This is a “poem” I wrote more than a year ago..but applies more than ever…
The other night I had a dream,
Involving death.

Many deaths, to be precise.
A death here,
A death there,
It seems as if, death was everywhere.
Some houses were shattered, and so were some bones,
All from the bombings of course.
Villages were destroyed.
There was shooting,
And furious tanks,
There was bloodshed,
And torture of the innocent,
There were tears and unheard cries of help,
Frightened children…
And women dying beside those children.
It was chaos really.
But then I woke up,
And found that–
my reality was even crueler.
You see, I live in Palestine,
And they say that your dreams are basically a reflection
Of what you think about and experience during the day.
I was surprised that my dream was not worse.
After all, I was spared this time.
Despite it all, I go to school everyday (though each time by an alternate path),
And you see my radiant smile,
then wonder how I could smile at all,
If both my dreams and reality were just-
a soup of death!
It is because,
What you call death, I call martyr-hood.
What you call insanity, I call courage.
What you call obstinacy, I call determination.
What you call helplessness, I call patience.
And what we both call (and know is) injustice,
I call a temporary, however miserable, state.
Because lucky for me, I put my complete trust,
In the One who has the power.
The one who is never unjust, and promised me that good will prevail.
In this life, and the next.
And He never breaks a promise.
So mark my words, one day,
Victory WILL be mine,
and for my family, and neighbors, and the whole village you destroyed.
Even the trees and rocks are on my side!
And really, shouldn’t that make me smile?
Because everyone knows that the ONLY WAY to be
a winner at the end,
Is to be winning all the way through.

November 13, 2007


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