So, what CAN we do?

…for those suffering everywhere…

Check this out:
Global Qiyam ul-Layl

Not sure what to say in your dua’a? No problem! Check this out:
Collection of Dua’as for the Oppressed

For us, it will merely be one night…just one night of not sleeping our full 8 hours…

They, on the other hand, have many countless sleepless nights…awake on a bed made of their home leftovers, afraid to hear the next striking missile…

Remember that you are one body with them…what hurts them, hurts you…
Their needs, are your needs…Their prayers, are our prayers…

Let’s join them…

One Response to So, what CAN we do?

  1. Jazak Allahu alf alf alf khair!!!!
    I only wish I’d seen this earlier!

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