Aqeedah in Action..

January 28, 2009

If only I lived in Ottawa 😦


The Best of Jokes :)

January 27, 2009

نكتة تستحق الضحك
الجندي للقائد
العدو يصورنا من كل جانب، ماذا أفعل؟
القائد للجندي
Here’s a joke
A soldier tells his commander:
The enemy is capturing our image from all directions, what shall we do?
The commander replies:

New Website Launched!! *Muslimah Source*

January 22, 2009


As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu:

We are pleased to announce to you the launch of MuslimahSource dot org! The site is the online phase of what we hope and pray will blossom into a full-fledged organization that works to improve the condition and elevate the status of women in Muslim communities worldwide.

We believe that Islam teaches the Ummah better than that. After all, Allah ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’an, “…I shall not lose sight of the labor of any of you who labors [in My way], be it man or woman: each of you is an issue of the other…” (3:195).

We believe that through education, support, and guidance, Muslim women can solve the problems concerning their place in the Muslim community, as well as address the issues that face both Muslim men and women.

Please visit the site, participate in discussion there, forward the link to your friends, and contribute. Most importantly, please keep us in your dua`a’!

And, if you took the survey, thanks again for taking our survey back in December 2008! 

As-salaamu `alaykum!

Find us on Facebook too! 

Sin vs. Mercy

January 22, 2009

” Do you think that you, and you alone, can be so sinful that Allah’s mercy cannot encompass you? That you have so much ‘power’ to commit sins that the infinite mercy of Allah is powerless when faced with it?!” – Sh. Yasir Qadhi

A Loop..

January 18, 2009

I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

As a wave carries itself and rushes towards the sand, we might be lost in its beauty, hopeful, and maybe even scared of what it carries from afar. Some bring us joy, some sorrow, and some nothing but utter confusion. At the moment they hit, we try to grasp them like fools, thinking that our bucket of knowledge can contain their mystery of infinite drops. We ponder over one wave after another forgetting what created them and brought them to us. Although we might not understand them as they come, when one steps back and examines what the waves of life threw on his shore, he can start collecting the shells, the little hints, that tell us the stories of shores far away, awaiting our arrival. We sit and watch the beauty and we ponder over the boats that pass by, questioning where each one will carry us if we get on…

So while we might not understand why things are happening in our lives, we need to go through them to get to the final destination. Whether this road or another, we will always have a question, a concern, a moment of happiness, and one of sadness…

As I sit here and question what my life’s waves have thrown on my shore, I wonder if I’m going back to a shore I thought had dried up…A shore I left knowing there’s no life without water…All the while trying to keep in mind where the waves are coming from, who created them, and believing in the wisdom behind them…

Finally, something that makes sense…

January 15, 2009

Just Watch…and open your mind..


Too Precious To Sell..

January 14, 2009

“Your souls are precious, and can only be equal to the price of Paradise. Therefore, sell them only at that price.” -Ali ibn Abi Talib radi Allahu anh.