The Sad Part Is…

Gaza bleeds,
today is day six.
It is a wound that none of us know
just how to fix.

The numbers are impossible
for our simple minds.
But not for them,
they witness each robbery of lives.

What I see of this massacre,
burns my heart with sadness.
But it is the really sad part of the matter
that truly tempts my madness.

Because the sad part is,
the death of our Ummah each day.
Heroes of Gaza die for the sake of Islam,
but we are paralyzed for the sake of our own way.

We are both hurt,
but they with their reward.
But what of the sins we accumulate
as we don’t say a word.

As we don’t move a step,
as we stay standing still.
As we don’t change anything,
when our enemy kills.

I look around me and wonder,
how everyone can continue along normally.
Continue with their life, as so many loose theirs…
How can they continue everything formally…

Shouldn’t the world stop?
Grieve for this shock?

The state of Gaza is heartbreaking…
But the real sad part is,
“leaders” who lead betrayal
Muslims who submit to that betrayal.
And a world that silently watches

The sad part is,
Humans who do nothing for humanity,
And a world without a conscience.

The good news is ,
When one of the innocent from Gaza,
is murdered, is killed,
they are become a martyr-a “shaheed”..

And their entire life,
They have seen nothing but violence and injustice.
Even the last sight a “shaheed” may see
is blood and fire.
But the next sight they will see
is their rightful place in Jannah.

The sad part is,
We seem to have forgotten that Jannah.

2 Responses to The Sad Part Is…

  1. A Sinful Slave says:


    brought tears to my eyes however it saddens more to know that I’m still at home, not doing much…

    Increasing my awareness does make a difference but I wish I was making a better one…more efficient…


  2. hiddensouls says:

    Keep making duaa for them and constantly remember them…*sigh*

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