I’M IN….

PHYSICS!!! I’m in physics! I’m in physics! i’m in Physics..
(and anatomy and orgo2….and their labs…and their quiz sections…all at once…)
ALHAMDULILLAH!! Finallllllllllllllllllllllly!!! alhamdulillah…
No longer do I have to see “full” or “conflict” in that bright orange color I have come to hate.

My schedule is set. alhamduillah. finally…..

Besides celebrating, the whole experience of realllly needing to be in a whole bunch of courses actually taught me stuff.

1-Persisting. Keep trying. Keep refreshing. Even if it is “full” or blocked or impossible or unchanging, stay at it. And I don’t just mean with a schedule, even if something in your life seems to be unrelenting, unchanging, and impossible-keep trying…

2-Duaa. I really did make Duaa, and it worked in the end. My schedule could have been set before, easily…but this whole trip around it made me appreciate it so much more…PLUS I got to make Duaa 🙂 In order of priority, this is actually #1.

3-Imagine…if we were that concerned, that worried, about saving our place in Jannah. Setting our schedule in Jannah. Imagine if every two seconds we ‘refreshed’ ourselves, ‘refreshed’ our intentions, ‘refreshed’ our worship, because we wanted that spot in Jannah so bad…SubhanAllah.

4-For all these sections that have been driving me crazy, after I signed up, it was ‘full’…as if it was meant for me, meant for me to see in that section, and get that section.  SubhanAllah how everything is meant to be…Again this connects to Duaa..maybe if I hadn’t made Duaa I would not have seen it at that second.

5-Life can have simple pleasures when something simple gives you a hard time..even if we experience them alone…and I can’t say Alhamduillah enough who made this easy for me..

Wa akher da’wana an Alhamduillah rabbi Al ‘aalameen.

And our final supplication is all praise be due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds…


6 Responses to I’M IN….

  1. hiddensouls says:

    I love the third point you mentioned..and I was also reminded with the school that was recently targeted and the university that was hit a while ago…we should really be thankful for the blessing of education…

  2. hiddensouls says:

    P.S. I remember taking those courses long ago 🙂

    I am SOOOOOOOO glad I am done them!!!

    Can’t wait to graduate bi ithnillah!!!

  3. DaughterofPearls says:

    That is true…Education is a blessing…a luxury that people are deprived of.
    We complain about our path of education, when that is our own shortcomings, while others can only dream of getting their hands on a book..

  4. dania says:

    alhmaudlliah you are in physics!

    anyhoo awesome deep thoughts…i think u should reflect (out loud) more often 😉

    cuz all i heard was IM IN PHYSICSSSSSSSSS!!!

  5. LOL! I’m glad you got what you wanted, and that you see a reason for gratitude in your schedule. And I know that feeling!! When you work so hard for something that seems improbably and unattainable and then you get it. Bliss.

    But, to be honest, physics = pain *shudders* in my book =P

  6. hiddensouls says:

    LOL…pain is the right word! I tried telling her lol..

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