What’s Your Excuse??

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
Lessons from Surat Al-Baqarah
Wednesday, January 7th 9:50 EST 
 Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef
*A taste of an AlMaghrib classic*

Breach of Covenant: Tafseer Surah AlBaqarah

(online and free)

Interested in attending the whole class?
…whatever your excuse is, give it a black eye…
And for those who missed it, inshaAllah the gems will be coming soon!!

3 Responses to What’s Your Excuse??

  1. I’m soooo jealous!! I’ve heard so much about Al Maghrib and I constantly stalk their website. I can’t wait to attend one in person!!!

    If you attend.. can you please write your thoughts or notes or something? Pretty please =)??

  2. strive says:

    souvenirsandscars, I pray that you’ll get the chance to attend an AlMaghrib class in the near future! Once you take one, there’s no going back! They truly are phenomenol…

  3. hiddensouls says:

    Oh I also pray that you can attend one of their classes one day!! Maybe when you come back here you can inshaAllah!!

    InshaAllah I will post my notes/thoughts and reflections 😀 I can’t wait to take the class next week inshaAllah…it’s about tafseer surat Al-Baqarah!

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