As I sit on my bed, watching, weaping..

Is it really true? Is it really happening on this earth miles away? The news seems like an R rated horror movie!! How can it be real? What kind of monsters thrive on the blood of the innocent?

I worry about my education, and the bills I have to pay. 
They worry about their vulnerable lives, and if they survive another day. 
My biggest fear is getting a ticket, as I cruise my Cadillac.
Their fear is that the tank that has just left would turn around and come back.
Do you know the truth of where your money goes? 
Do you let the media deceive your mind?
Is this the truth nobody knows about?
Someone tell me. Tell me what to do. 

I sit and watch. I cry. I forget a bit. I move on. Repeat. 

I have done nothing and still do nothing. 

This is not a movie, this is real. This is not fake blood and make up, it hurts. These are not actors, they’re our brothers and sisters in humanity. 

Gaza families mourn dead after UN school bombed

Israel criticised over alleged use of white phosphorus

Dennis Kucinich and Eliot Engel

One Response to As I sit on my bed, watching, weaping..

  1. A Sinful Slave says:

    “Well i don’t know that what you are saying (Israel broke the ceasefire) is accurate, I think it’s widely accepted…”
    What’s widely accepted is a fact a.k.a Israel broke it!…I played that over three times just to make myself feel better that at least some truth are being shed somewhere….

    especially after seeing the above two vids.

    I just console myself with Rasoolullah sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam had hope for the progeny of Taif as I do not wanna curse the Israelites…as many of them are opposing this atrocity…

    Allahu Musta’aan

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