Show And Tell ;)

February 27, 2009

Da’wah Tip: Be yourself and act normal 🙂


February 26, 2009

While I still attempt to study, and only wish I can be blogging instead, I leave you with this quote to ponder over:

“How could a Mu’min/Muslim be bored when he has to save himself from hellfire? A mu’min never gets bored. That word’s not in his dictionary. He knows he has enough to do for his akhirah to be bored in this dunya!” – Sheikh Yasir Qadhi


Hang in there..for there’s a meeting planned in Paradise inshaAllah

Everyone’s invited…but not many accept the invitation…

Will you accept?



*This post is a reminder for myself before anyone else!

Studying At An Old Age

February 23, 2009

reading quraan in china

I’ve always admired the perseverance and motivation of an old man studying, learning, struggling to understand…What gives them this energy to read and ponder…to study harder than the youth complaining about school??
From behind their thick huge glasses they sit for hours endlessly flipping through the pages of an old book they just picked off the library shelf. I doubt anyone before them has ever touched these books they look at, nor will anyone after them once they place them back…Unless they come back to them themselves.
Here I am sitting on a quiet floor writing up a post instead of studying. I can’t help but look at the old man and question his diligence and determination…
In the picture above, taken by a close family member, you see an old Chinese man reading Quraan in a mosque in China. The one who took the picture had got emotional when he described this old man and how it took him hours to read a short surah of the Quraan…

I wonder, if I live to my 60s and 70s, will I ever pick up a book? Will I browse the news online? Will I unfold a newspaper? Will I listen to my iPod?…

As I question myself and stare out the huge windows, I can only say one thing: I should stop daydreaming and get back to ‘today’ so I don’t regret these moments when the angel of death knocks on my door…

Keep working hard for an amazing time in jannah..

Why you shouldn’t refuse to give your change…

February 23, 2009

I thought this was a pretty funny video…I’m not sure if it’s made up or real, either way, it’s a good laugh..

Basically, the man sitting down is asking for donations from those who walk into the mosque…when one of the men refuses to give him money…this is what happens….

Seriously though, here’s what I really wanted to talk about…
As you can see, not much for me to say though…because I can’t go 😦

If Only I Can Go!!


The Power of Dua’a!

February 22, 2009


Sometimes we do things without thinking. Without considering the aftermath. Without any wisdom
Sometimes we just let go of our intellect and follow our emotions. Sometimes we forget our values and our very own statements and promises and run after our worldly desires.

These times, when we do all of the above mentioned, we’re really hurting none but ourselves. We’re only cheating our own selves out of what we know to be true.

Sometimes…all we want to do is stare into space and think and ponder over life. Over the little incidents here and there that never make sense…Over the coincidences that statistically seem out of this world…

“What are the chances?”, we may ask ourselves…
“Pretty good actually! Anything is possible…the one in a million is possible…with duaa!!“, my optimism replies 🙂

“Can dua’a heal my heart? What about my soul?”, we wonder many times…
“What are you waiting for! Start making duaa and find out for yourself!”, my thoughts respond…Besides, ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب (Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest -13:28)

How can we protect ourselves from acting on impulse? From falling into holes our own faulty actions dug up for us?
One of the most amazing dua’as I’ve ever learned was: اللهم لا تكلني إلى نفسي طرفة عين
I have many more favorite dua’as but…if I started I fear I will never finish!

I’ve listened to Du’a: The Weapon of the Believer (by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi hafithahullah) many times before and it gets to me EVERY single time! I cannot count the times I sat quietly in the car, late at night in tears, and early in the morning with a smile, avoiding stepping outside into the world, attentively listening to the beauty and power of dua’a! “Just listen to a couple more minutes”, I always think to myself!! I love it mashaAllah!! I think its one of the most beneficial things I have ever stumbled upon walillahi alhamd!

If you would like to borrow the CDs from me, please let me know…
Note: it’s actually originally a book (which you can download from here) that Sheikh Yasir Qadhi wrote and later recorded, jazahu Allahu khairan!! 

You can also listen to it here: (If you’re running short on time, listen to part 9 first…surely, it will get you hooked for some more inshaAllah 😉 )

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Agenda for Change

February 20, 2009

 Al-Hujurat (The Chambers) 

Chapter 49: Verse 15

Agenda for Change
“Believers are those who (truly) believe in Allah and His messenger, then doubt not, but who strive with their possessions and their selves in the way of Allah; it is they who are the truthful ones.”

Significant change cannot be effected solely through preaching and delivering sermons. These have a very limited and temporary effect on an audience and societal powers. The influences of society, or the dominant culture, are so huge that they very quickly wash away any effects produced by the preaching. Thus,change agents additionally require a clear practical agenda for change, backed up by sincere devotion, firm resolve and commitment, a spirit of sacrifice, and an investment of time, energy, and resources.

The kind of actions that a movement can engage in will naturally vary according to the social and political circumstances. For instance, if a people are oppressed by their governments, then armed struggle cannot be ruled out. Conversely, in peaceful conditions, actions can incorporate communication, dialogue and exerting social and political pressure.

In the light of Islamic guidance, actions for positive change should lead to a greater good and not to a worsening of the situation. If taking certain actions, no matter how crucial or effective they may be considered, leads to panic and confusion, or creates social upheavals that may give rise to more evil, then they must be avoided and patience exercised until condition change. This is because Islam aims to bring about peace and order not chaos; its aim is to reform, improve and develop a society, to remove wrongs and corruption rather than punish the wicked or create disorder on earth.

Compiled From:
“Building a New Society” – Zahid Parvez, pp. 159, 160


I got this from the Friday Nasiha Maintainer. It is a weekly email that I started getting some time ago and I greatly benefited from alhamdulillah…
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Of Cats and Tigers

February 17, 2009

of cats and tigers


I wasn’t going to write anything about this picture…but I can’t help it..
Let your dreams go wild.
Seek the impossible and make it possible.
Aim high and never settle for anything less.
Fuel your desires with hope and perseverance.
You can be whatever you want to be bi ithnillah.

I refuse to think negative.
I refuse to accept failure.
I refuse to watch the world go by without doing anything.
I refuse to be passive.
I refuse to to give up.
I refuse to be average.
Now let’s just hope my motivation isn’t below average!

Work hard now.
Play harder in Jannah (inshaAllah).

This is an old post…
I thought it needed a wake up call