Another Phase..


We all go through them. Every once in a while, we’re drowned in a period of time when we feel the need for immediate change, the need to break out of the day in day out routine. 

We may feel irritated and bothered, and sometimes even depressed. While we might be annoyed by them, I have come to believe that these phases in life are a blessing to us. They give us a chance to reflect and ponder over our days spent without account. Forget new years resolutions and birthdays! Forget anniversaries and reunions! I’m not waiting for one of those occasions to fix up my life! 

I’ve been thinking about things, flipping them over, turning them around, pushing them aside, and tumbling them down my road…Like a yo-yo, ideas have been coming and going…Hardly staying with me long enough to grasp and truly comprehend.. 

I’ve been entertaining the thought of writing about the following three topics:

Shaitan’s Happiness. (Translation: The Devil’s Happiness). 

A Thankful Rich and A Patient Poor. 

Loving the Sunnah. 

My Energizer Bunny. 

Soon to come inshaAllah…


2 Responses to Another Phase..

  1. Seen says:

    three or four topics? 😛

    And I look forward to reading them inshAllah 🙂

  2. hiddensouls says:

    lol yeah originally they were three and then I decided, one more…
    Once midterms are over inshaAllah!

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