On My Way To The Moon



Sometimes, all I want to do is go to the moon and scream to the world…

I would scream my feelings, but no one would hear.
I would cry my tears, but no one would see.
I would waste my time, without getting in trouble. 
I would make a fool of myself, and no one would stare. 
I would do and do and do…without any care. 

I would talk to the stars, and they would listen…

But, all alone up there, I would have no one to share my laugh. 
No father to give me an orange at night.
No mother to teach me a lesson. 
No sister to share my day with. 
No brother to joke around with.

I would have no air…
I would have no life…

I’m on my way to the moon…
Catch me. If you can.

5 Responses to On My Way To The Moon

  1. A Submitting Slave says:


    I’m not sure i get this =S You state the joyy you’d find on the moon(which I don’t agree with btw) and then you mention the miseries(which would convince me not to go…btw why an orange? =S) and then you say you’re on ur way to the moon…

    ???You even say you won’t be able to survive which contradicts the first stanza???

    I’m sorry if this was all rhetorical or something…

    regardless, I’d stop you and I CAN!!! =) *that’s too far man*

  2. Seen says:

    I agree with you 😦
    Funny I didn’t realize it till I went to the moon- that’s of course if I understood what you mean correctly 😛

  3. hiddensouls says:

    Submitting Slave: lol…*sigh*…it will only make sense once you go through it 😛

    It can be seen as the challenges of living on one’s own…there are definite pros and cons…and that’s what I talk about…first I mention a number of benefits…then disadvantages…

    And while I know the disadvantages, I’m still willing to take the biggest jump of life…

    Seen: you know…when I first wrote it I never even thought of what you were thinking of…then when I read your comment I re-read what I wrote and I was like…subhanaAllah…it actually makes sense if I was to apply it to what seen is thinking of!! (and that’s why I explained it the way I did to submitting slave above)…when in fact…I was thinking of something so completely different when I wrote the poem that had nothing to do with moving away…haha…

  4. hiddensouls says:

    I was going to explain the poem …and the orange and all the other things…but then I thought…nah…poetry is just written and it’s up to the reader to make sense of it… 😛

    Not that I write poetry or anything…and not that what i wrote above is a poem lol…it’s just a bunch of randomness…

  5. DaughterofPearls says:

    Absolutely Beautiful.
    I think I understood every last letter, and maybe even a hint at the orange…And it is not random to me either…Very familiar actually, remember?

    However, someone would hear your feelings and see your tears. Allah subhanahu wa taala, first and foremost, creator of the moon…
    And also, ME. If we are on the same side, that is. So I’m not going to catch you, I’m sitting up here wondering why it is taking you so long.

    Btw, here is a recent cute moon story: My little brother told my sister-“Hey, let’s go to the moon together”…So my sister said “Okay”…
    To that my brother replied, “But we have to be REALLY careful when it is half a moon…”
    (thinking he might fall off)

    😀 Kids are my favorite…

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