The Disease of the Idiots

sick heart

I recently read this quote on this blog and I thought I would share it:

A South Asian scholar of the past said:

To cast lustful glances is the disease of idiots. You neither give, nor receive. All you do is put your own heart in turmoil. You can stare at a girl forever, but you will never get her. You will only get the person that Allah has decreed for you as halal. Since this is a matter which has already been decided by Allah, that is why this is the disease of idiots.

Therefore, let us remember next time we look at a girl (or at a boy if it is a sister looking) that we are indulging in the disease of the idiots.

Oh and remember, you’re using the blessing of eyesight which Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala blessed you with to disobey Him! If you’re gonna sin and disobey Him, then don’t use any of His blessings, don’t sin on His land, and do it without Him knowing of it. (If that didn’t make sense to you yet: You can’t do any of that! It’s IMPOSSIBLE! So just stop with that sin already and get to that next level you’ve been trying to reach forever!)

*A reminder for myself before anyone else*


6 Responses to The Disease of the Idiots

  1. A Submitting Slave says:

    I was reluctant in writing that picture is scary but after deciphering the meaning behind it, I stared longer so it can be embedded in my memory bi ithnillah.

  2. DaughterofPearls says:

    So true, so true.
    Especially the part about wasting our blessing-it is shameful.
    EVERY sin is the disease of idiots though- only an idiot would obey the whispers of their own clear enemy.

    May I add, that your eyes are one of the biggest windows to your heart (ears and tongue would be other windows). And those images, lustful or not, cling to your heart. Meaning that leaving haram sights is obvious, but even just looking at everyday people or sights takes its toll and has its effect. The more you filter through your eyes, the more free your heart remains.

    It reminds me of Shafiee’s poem, when he complained to his friend of his “poor memorization”, and was advised to leave his sins (that one was specifically related to seeing the ankle of a woman that day-on accident)…

    So if you are looking for straight As at school, you’d better start looking at the ground (or wherever it is you lower your gaze).

  3. hiddensouls says:

    @ Submitting slave:
    I actually thought the picture was really nice and meaningful…I thought it was really pretty..the way the rock is shaped like a heart and all the different ranges of color…To me, while it may seem beautiful (as sins do seem beautiful) it is the exact opposite indeed when you ponder over what the picture’s reality is (nothing but rotting of the heart)…I thought it was perfect 🙂

    May I add, that your eyes are one of the biggest windows to your heart….And those images, lustful or not, cling to your heart…

    What a deep deep statement mashaAllah…I quoted you on this one on the Al-Maghrib forums by the way in a folder about lowering the gaze..

  4. A Submitting Slave says:

    to Daughter of Pearls: I was doing my h/w for “fuaad” and I came across how Shaytaan does waswasa in the “sudoor” (hearts) of mankind. The interesting part was “sudoor” is supposed to give the connotation of an actual “chest” of treasure while the heart is the fort. Our hands/ears/mouth/eyes are openings to that chest. Shaytaan waits for these gates to open to pounce on his prey.
    I couldn’t help but think of your comment here when I read it (I’m sure you’ve read it from teh same source as me though).

  5. A Submitting Slave says:

    I meant I’m sure you’ve read the article I’m reading right now…

  6. DaughterofPearls-don't feel like signing in right now says:

    Actually, I didn’t read that article until AFTER I wrote this comment, and I didn’t read that part of the article..I only read up until those two ayahs…
    But that is still cool mashAllah 🙂

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