Wake Up!

wake up

Wake up before you sleep forever!

Changing is not a flip of a coin. It’s hard work and takes a lot of effort. A critical ingredient for change is holding ourselves accountable for our actions. When we “wake up” and realize we need to change, a plan must be put in action before we go back to sleep mode again. This plan MUST include accountability…

One way to do this is to have a small notepad by our side at all times. Divide the notepad into sections you need to improve on (i.e. reading more quraan, lowering the gaze, praying all sunnahs, decrease gender interaction, etc.). Once this is done, we can list examples from our past that we are not proud of, ones we want to change and erase (not necessarily in full detail, in case the note pad lands in someone else’s lap). 

It’s a beautiful thing, a blessing really, that we have a Merciful and Forgiving God. While God’s mercy can in fact erase someones sins and even replace them with good deeds, this must be striven for. In order for us to get that clean slate with God, we need to start working on clearing our notepad!! 

Keep track of your actions. Every time you realize you’ve “done it again” write down the action…Watch your progress and think of ways how you will avoid the same situation in the future. 

We all have our small fitnahs and our big ones. Those that we can control and change and those that seem like mountains heavily rooted in our lives. Regardless of the intensity of the fitnah, it can be taken care of inshaAllah, because even the mountains will become dust on the day of judgement. Nothing is hard on Allah azza wa jal so ask Him to guide you and to help you on the straight path once He has guided you. 

Reward yourself when you see that you no longer have to write as many bad scenarios in your notepad. How? Do such an amazing good deed that you’ve never done before. One that you see “pious people” do but never attempted. This will help you keep going forward, striving, and pushing yourself to the next stage. 

Wake up NOW before you sleep forever. Continue on making duaa…especially in the middle of the night. 

What are you waiting for? The door’s of forgiveness and tawbah are still open alhamdulillah!! 


After I wrote this post, I was clicking from one blog to another and I found these on this blog: 

Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have mercy on him, said:

The punishment for a sin committed by a believer is removed in ten ways:

  1. He repents to Allah (taubah), so Allah accepts his repentance, for the one who repents from sin is like the one who has no sin.
  2. He seeks forgiveness from Allah (istighfar), so Allah forgives him.
  3. He does good deeds that erase his sin for good deeds erase bad ones.
  4. His believing brethren pray for him or seek forgiveness for his sins during his life or death.
  5. Or they [ask Allah] to bestow on him as gift from the reward for their deeds, with which Allah benefits him.
  6. His Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, intercedes for him.
  7. Allah tests him with trials in this world which expiate his sin.
  8. Allah tests him in al-Barzakh (the intermediate life in the grave, between the death and the Day of Judgment) which expiates his sin.
  9. Allah tests him in the various stages of the Day of Judgment which expiates his sins.
  10. Or the Most Merciful of those who have mercy has mercy on him.

Whoever, then, is missed by these ten cannot blame anyone but himself.

Source: Islaam.com


One Response to Wake Up!

  1. strive says:

    This was very beneficial for me – Jazaki Allahu khairan.

    Btw, I have realized that you are addicted with writing “…”. (Not in this article but in past emails and posts) Not saying it’s a bad thing, just something I’ve picked up on that I thought was kind of interesting 😀

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