Studying At An Old Age

reading quraan in china

I’ve always admired the perseverance and motivation of an old man studying, learning, struggling to understand…What gives them this energy to read and ponder…to study harder than the youth complaining about school??
From behind their thick huge glasses they sit for hours endlessly flipping through the pages of an old book they just picked off the library shelf. I doubt anyone before them has ever touched these books they look at, nor will anyone after them once they place them back…Unless they come back to them themselves.
Here I am sitting on a quiet floor writing up a post instead of studying. I can’t help but look at the old man and question his diligence and determination…
In the picture above, taken by a close family member, you see an old Chinese man reading Quraan in a mosque in China. The one who took the picture had got emotional when he described this old man and how it took him hours to read a short surah of the Quraan…

I wonder, if I live to my 60s and 70s, will I ever pick up a book? Will I browse the news online? Will I unfold a newspaper? Will I listen to my iPod?…

As I question myself and stare out the huge windows, I can only say one thing: I should stop daydreaming and get back to ‘today’ so I don’t regret these moments when the angel of death knocks on my door…

Keep working hard for an amazing time in jannah..


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