Plan B

It seems like there’s always a Plan B. For everything we do, we are told to keep our options open, to learn what we can do “just in case” things don’t work out the way we want them to.
As I was thinking of a plan B for something today, and I thought to myself, subhanaAllah…there is one thing where no plan B can ever be implemented!
Where do you plan to spend your after life? Scary thought to think that if we don’t act according to plan A and get to our destination we’re, frankly, at a loss!!
to be continued inshaAllah…(you’re probably thinking, yeah right, that’s what you said last time…what can I say…life!)

One Response to Plan B

  1. DaughterofPearls says:

    Plan B=Excuse
    (thus,) Plan B=laziness…

    Of course this is not ALWAYS true…You should be always prepared and not reckless…but I’m not talking about the “being smart Plan B”…I’m talking about the “Plan B” we promise ourselves so that we have an excuse not to give “Plan A” our all.

    As for your reflection, that’s so true-no Plan B for afterlife….Today I walked into this exam, and a worried girl said to me “Welcome to Judgment Day”….(a loose statement to throw around!)…

    Maybe for that exam, if you do bad, there really is a plan B. But the real judgment day??
    And Judgment Day you can’t cram for…your only choice is to do well…

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