In Search of a Dream!!

What an Anti-Dentite!!! 

I hope you’re not like him!



7 Responses to In Search of a Dream!!

  1. dania says:

    HAHA i especiallly looved the last part 😛

    Dentists are cool! 🙂 right HS!

  2. Seen says:

    lool…i’ve heard he’s made fun of pharmacists too 😛

  3. hiddensouls says:

    lol…do you have the link??

  4. spilled(skim)milk says:

    hey sireen, met any anti-dentites lately? 😉

  5. Sarah says:

    lol! ahah and Jersey jokes too? lololol.
    I hope you’re not an anti-dentite sireeno 😛

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