Tears to a Tune

April 30, 2009

What, but a precious little girl,
would leave the laughter and the family,
the joyous gathering by the river,
to sit by the pianist and his melody,
to listen; to cry.

They tell her to come back with the crowd,
she refuses, with so many tears,
and says it is her grandmother she wants.
And by the black and white keys,
she stays.

A little girl whose emotions,
are like droplets of dew
shining on delicate petals.
With time, her heart only grew,
and grew, and grew.
A princess she became.

What so deep in her heart,
would shake her to these tears.
What memories, what emotions,
what softness within…

She is different, unique.
And I can only imagine her like a little princess,
with so much sorrow and love.
A princess like no other.

Fog in…
Fog out…

And the unique swing,
on the very top of the one hill.
She reaches,
for the twig,
of the tree.
That was the dream everytime.
She fell, no twig in her hands,
but tears in her eyes.

If only time could go back,
I would tell the girl,
that she already swung so high,
and that was enough…
I would tell her to trust that in the future,
there were many twigs to come.

Fog in…
Fog out….

This stolen memory,
that took place in the only country shared between two lands..
Touched me somehow…
Only one little girl would leave to sit by the piano’s tunes,
shedding incomprehensible, delicate tears,
bursting from a deep, mysterious, beautiful heart.

What Time Is It?

April 29, 2009

it is…1:39 A.M
typical time for humans not to think

Pirate’s Heart..

April 28, 2009

Treasure Chest

I wonder how a pirate would feel if he found the rarest treasure chest,
and was forced to leave it on its island untouched and frozen at rest.

I wonder if he would mourn over this gold that he came across,
Would he cry bitter tears in every dark of the night grieving at his loss?

I wonder if pirates cover one eye with cloth because they lost an eyeball in a fight,
Or are they trying to cheat life’s hardships by blocking out reason’s sight?

So that they see only the treasure and valuables they are looking for,
See with one eye their glittery jewels but with the other see nothing more.

The mighty tides of the ocean we claim make a pirate strong..
But whoever stopped to wonder if they actually made him vulnerable all along…

Tell me again, what this pirate feels the second he boards his ship,
Waving away at his treasure just moments before he continues his trip.

Tell me if he would break, and how long upon the gold shall he dwell.
Maybe a pirate’s recklessness can teach me how I shall utter farewell.

Give me the heart of pirate, maybe it is easier upon the chest to carry.
Give me the heart of pirate, its emotions may be simpler to bury.

Why a pirate? They rest not; stability is not their child.
And I daresay they have learned not to let their emotions grow wild.

Why a pirate?
Because I challenge the value of his treasure chest and all of what it holds,
The diamonds, the emeralds, the rubies, the silver and the gold…
Dare match the value of my friendship with precious..’HiddenSouls’.

“A Date Under the Blue Sky”

April 26, 2009

“A date under the blue sky” -a sweet invitation from my dear friend 🙂
It sounded appealing, so I signed up.
Sunday morning came, and off we went…We were getting into the car and I wasn’t really sure why I was going or what I was looking for, until my mom reminded me of my intention. And if you have the right intention, you are bound to enjoy whatever is to come.

Tree Planting 🙂

It was a lovely!
It is peaceful, calming, and soothing to be on green grass under a clear sky cradled in a light breeze and have the cold wet dirt all over your hands.
I confess: I didn’t actually dig any holes or anything, but I did put a couple of ‘seedling’ trees in the earth myself, and I covered them with the uncovered dirt myself…and I even named the to-be-trees after myself… 😀
I am not the most “green” person out there, but I wholly support it and wish I did more.. The environment is ours to take care of, and it is rewarding, and wonderful to get in touch with nature. And it is every Muslim’s responsibility too!

For anyone who is still reading, I have two points that I thought of today:
1-I was thinking today…..Every soul shall taste death. And when we are buried in our graves we will feel a “squeeze”. That is the earth hugging us because we came back to it…And I was just thinking, subhanAllah..this is the same earth we will come back to one day….

Check this out–> 

2-Of course we didn’t start immediately, and the people were talking forever (and I wasn’t listening…it gets boring) but I did pick up one sentence from someone talking “If we look at the generations before us, they were always concerned with the generations to come” and basically he was saying how noble that is. And I’m like subhanAllah, nobody did that better than Mohammad sallah allahu allayhe wa salam! He could have gave up but he was always concerned with his Ummah, the generation to come. He made a beautiful du’aa for us after EVERY prayer he did…. *Sigh* I love our Prophet, salla allahu allayhe wa wa salam…

Anway…i will leave you with what was written on the cool shirt I didn’t get…
“Think Green, Think Islam. Live Green, Live Islam.”

Life taught me…

April 26, 2009



April 24, 2009


Isn’t it funny, how kids always want the toys they don’t have? And then the minute they get them, they lose interest in them, as if they never wanted them before! 

Isn’t it funny, how we realize this childish behaviour and then act the same way as adults, but on a bigger scale?

We always want something better, we always dream for something bigger…

It is true what they say: القناعة كنز لا يفنى 

“Contentment is an infinite treasure” (or in a different translation: “Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure”)

The Muslim Sherlock Award…

April 21, 2009


Is honorably awarded to the person who picked out these beautiful flowers 🙂

The person who can touch a friend’s heart and bring them sunshine on rainy days.
The person who nobody has any idea how sweet this “sadaaqah” is…
The person who I hope will get nothing less than Jannat-Al-Firdous.

Have a bright, sunny, flowery, barakah-filled, smile-sprinkled day!