First Impressions…Last.

Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem…

I got this in an email…I thought it was beautiful mashaAllah and I really wanted to share it.

Summary from a very inspiring jumah khutbah by Imam Aladdin El-Bakri:
Allah (swt) has many names and attributes. Some of these attributes are called the attributes of “beauty”, for example: Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem…etc. He (swt) also has some “glory” attributes: Al-Khaliq, Al-Azeez…etc. But Allah (swt) chose to introduce Himself (swt) to us, with Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem.
Imagine if you walked into a flower shop and the person standing before you in line is this huge muscular guy. You heard the guy telling the cashier how he’s buying the flowers to his wife because she’s his sweetheart and the mother of his beloved children. You will probably go like “awwww, that is so sweet…etc ;-)). The next day, you see the same guy in the news, beating another man very badly…you think to yourself…THIS GUY??? how could that be true…naaaah, this can not be right…i saw this guys…he’s very sweet…etc. Why is this happening? because of this psychological phrase “First impression lasts!”.
Again, imagine moving into a new neighborhood, and while backing up with your car, you rear-ended your neighbor’s car (who btw is the nicest person in the area but you don’t know yet). The man happened to love his car very dearly, so he comes out, yelling his head off and getting mad because of what happened to his car. You try to calm him down and promise him that you will take care of the car…etc. Later, when you’re with all your neighbors, they’re all praising this man and telling you how he’s the greatest amongst them..etc….you will probably go like…mmmm, not really!. Again, same concept, first impression DOES last.
Now, what’s the first impression Allah wants us to have about him? If you open the Quraan, the book of Allah and His speech…you go to the FIRST page, FIRST Surah, FIRST verse….What is it?
BismiAllahi Ar-Rahman ir-Raheem…..
Sometimes, when certain incidents happen to us, we subconsciously start doubting Allah’s mercy and compassion…Some people ask: Will Allah really forgive me for what i did?….etc. But subhanAllah, The FIRST impression that Allah wants us to have about Him, is Him being Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem…this is the impression that Allah wants it to last with you…and this is just to tell you that, after you established the foundation of Allah being Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, then when you read on in the Quraan, and you go from one chapter to another, and every chapter starts with the same intro, you know that EVERYTHING is mercy and compassion.
How Amazing is Allah?!
AlHamdulilah ar-rahman ar-raheem 🙂
Your sister,
P.S. Sorry it has been long since this was updated…It’s finals time…please remember all the students in your duaa’s!

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