Pirate’s Heart..

Treasure Chest

I wonder how a pirate would feel if he found the rarest treasure chest,
and was forced to leave it on its island untouched and frozen at rest.

I wonder if he would mourn over this gold that he came across,
Would he cry bitter tears in every dark of the night grieving at his loss?

I wonder if pirates cover one eye with cloth because they lost an eyeball in a fight,
Or are they trying to cheat life’s hardships by blocking out reason’s sight?

So that they see only the treasure and valuables they are looking for,
See with one eye their glittery jewels but with the other see nothing more.

The mighty tides of the ocean we claim make a pirate strong..
But whoever stopped to wonder if they actually made him vulnerable all along…

Tell me again, what this pirate feels the second he boards his ship,
Waving away at his treasure just moments before he continues his trip.

Tell me if he would break, and how long upon the gold shall he dwell.
Maybe a pirate’s recklessness can teach me how I shall utter farewell.

Give me the heart of pirate, maybe it is easier upon the chest to carry.
Give me the heart of pirate, its emotions may be simpler to bury.

Why a pirate? They rest not; stability is not their child.
And I daresay they have learned not to let their emotions grow wild.

Why a pirate?
Because I challenge the value of his treasure chest and all of what it holds,
The diamonds, the emeralds, the rubies, the silver and the gold…
Dare match the value of my friendship with precious..’HiddenSouls’.


3 Responses to Pirate’s Heart..

  1. hiddensouls says:

    This is amazing…how did you even think of pirates?

    It’s so sad…and yet so true…and so DEEP…

  2. dania says:

    it sounds more like a threat!

    Dare match the value of my friendship with precious..’HiddenSouls’.

    oucch! 😛

    jkjk that was so sweet!

  3. Skycreative says:

    A pirate can never bear the thought of forgetting a treasure.

    The thought of it, just makes him fall into despair..

    In a dark room, he feels sorrow and pity.

    In hope he draws a map and puts it in a bottle.

    False hopes of finding the treasure is all that he fears and wishful thinking are his worries.

    How can a pirate find a treasure again after loosing such a valuable one. It’s a burden just thinking of it, a feeling of hopelessness and failure could strike him. A pirate can never forget his treasure especially if its a valuable one…

    This is an interesting observation… We can never forget what we deem valuable. Look at the person who is on the verge of death.. Before they die, they remember the most valuable things they are leaving behind.

    This is why its important to keep Allah and his messenger the most valuable things to us, if they are not the most valuable things to us, then something else will replace it. May Allah protect us.

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