Tears to a Tune

What, but a precious little girl,
would leave the laughter and the family,
the joyous gathering by the river,
to sit by the pianist and his melody,
to listen; to cry.

They tell her to come back with the crowd,
she refuses, with so many tears,
and says it is her grandmother she wants.
And by the black and white keys,
she stays.

A little girl whose emotions,
are like droplets of dew
shining on delicate petals.
With time, her heart only grew,
and grew, and grew.
A princess she became.

What so deep in her heart,
would shake her to these tears.
What memories, what emotions,
what softness within…

She is different, unique.
And I can only imagine her like a little princess,
with so much sorrow and love.
A princess like no other.

Fog in…
Fog out…

And the unique swing,
on the very top of the one hill.
She reaches,
for the twig,
of the tree.
That was the dream everytime.
She fell, no twig in her hands,
but tears in her eyes.

If only time could go back,
I would tell the girl,
that she already swung so high,
and that was enough…
I would tell her to trust that in the future,
there were many twigs to come.

Fog in…
Fog out….

This stolen memory,
that took place in the only country shared between two lands..
Touched me somehow…
Only one little girl would leave to sit by the piano’s tunes,
shedding incomprehensible, delicate tears,
bursting from a deep, mysterious, beautiful heart.


5 Responses to Tears to a Tune

  1. Noha says:

    beautiful… resounds of a truth known all too well, jazakillah khair for sharing 🙂

  2. dania says:

    awwie ❤

    We love you!

  3. hiddensouls says:


    Dania, you are blessed with one heck of a sister…
    You just don’t know … :’)

    Noha, I always tell her she should write more!!!!

    DOP: That was truly beautiful and priceless.

  4. student says:

    DaughterofPearls are you a poet in disguise??? Where’s your book?!

    • DaughterofPearls says:

      Student, You are so sweet….
      No, I am not a poet in disguise, I’m very emotional in disguise 🙂
      So no book in hiding…I wish I could write a novel though!

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