Pearls’s Wisdom…


Me, sitting in the car, quiet…
My mom, points outside the window, calls my name: “What is that?”
“The sky,” I answer in monotone.
“Are you sure? Are you positive?”
“Well as certain as you see that sky, be certain that Allah will handle your matters…” (Or as she said in Arabic “Ma ra7 yeday3ek”)
“Your trust in Allah should be as certain as you can see that sky.”


Our Mothers….Rivers of wisdom, of comfort, of advice….I still wonder how she gives, gives, gives….selflessly…
When will I ever give back to her?
When will I quit my spoiled act and chase after the one who has paradise is at her feet?
Beware of Shaitaan, our enemy. Beware of his many traps. Especially the traps he sets near our parents….

The Prophet salla allahu allayhe wa salam said (and I paraphrase here! Check original wording of hadith!) that those who have their parents available to them but do not enter Jannah are at a HUGE loss… Our parents….our ticket to Jannah…. Everyday…

My mom once told me…that the secret to life…the secret to having success and ease no matter where and no matter what…is obeying and pleasing your parents….
And the reward in the afterlife is much, much, much greater.
I remind myself before anyone: There is a connection between Allah being pleased with us and our parents being pleased with us….


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