It’s a Mystery…

Our lives are mysteries. We poke at them…trying to understand them. We try to comprehend our surroundings, understand the people around us, we try to give meaning to everything we can grasp. 

And while we may think we have things figured out at one point in time, it is at this exact same moment, ironically, that we discover we’re more lost than ever. Sometimes, all we have to do is wait for things to happen, if God wills.


5 Responses to It’s a Mystery…

  1. DaughterofPearls says:

    Where did the picture go? I liked it…

    You are so, so, so right though….Life is a mystery…a puzzle…
    And sometimes…..we do have to wait…

    One thing is not a mystery for me anymore: your gmail status 😉

  2. btw.. guess who’s coming to Calgary?!??! Hiba Al Shareef for The Queen of Sheeba and then Al-Maghrib for A Heart Serene. But that’s at the end of july, lool.
    it sure feels good to be back!!

  3. uh, so generally when people start off with btw, that kinda means they said something before hand. But I didn’t. I meant to say “that’s so true!”
    but then I was caught up with the other bit of news….


  4. hiddensouls says:

    😀 So happy to see your comments once again!
    Hiba Al Shareef will be down in Windsor this weekend inshaAllah for the same event (Queen of Sheba)!! I cannot wait inshaAllah!!

    As for a Heart Serene…you gotta GOTTA HAVE TO no matter what take that course! I took it with sheikh riad ourzazi…is he teaching it in calgary as well??? We were crying the WHOLE time during the class…it’s sooo touching and just an amazing class overall…

    I’m glad you are starting to enjoy it back here 😀
    Maybe we can meet one day 😀

  5. DaughterofPearls says:

    I agree! A Heart Serene was awesome!

    P.S HS-I just noticed something about the title…
    HeartSerene (HS)
    and…HiddenSouls (HS)
    and……(3.1 _____ 😉 )

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