Tickle Me Pink

Elementary school years always began,
With introducing ourselves.
“All About Me”
We would put our name.
All our favorites.
All our dislikes.
And what we want to be when we grow up.
Because growing up was an exciting thought.
“Grown-ups have all the answers and privileges,” we thought.

How many of us have now grown up
But still don’t know what we want to be.
The firefighter dream just didn’t work out,
And the astronaut never saw the moon.
The ballerina grew a bit too fat,
And the Chef just had no talent for food.

Favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject was always English,
I suppose if I were to take it, it still is.
The cool kids always wrote “Recess”
I wonder if they’ve declared their major yet.

I never thought twice for “Favorite food”
It was Ice-Cream without a doubt.
The other children always protested.
“Ice-cream doesn’t count as food!”
But I never listened, I never cared.
I insisted in fact, that chocolate chip cookie dough
Was my favorite flavor.

My favorite flower was always the lily.
I’d find it outside and place it in my hair.
Bright and pink.
I loved those lilies.
Even the name sounded so pretty.

And now I’m going back to what I’ve lost.
I’m finding me.
You grow up and hear discouragement.
You hear different thoughts and opinions.
At some point they begin to coalesce.
You swear its mind control and nothing less.
You become indifferent.
Watch your personal taste dissolve.
But I’m going to clear my mind and soul.
To find the little girl who searched for fairies and trolls.
It didn’t matter that they didn’t exist.
As long as they were safe on my “Favorites” list.

I’m going back to finding me.
The girl of ice-cream, lilies, and pure fantasy.
Give me a Crayola box and I know my pick.
Give me the one labeled “Tickle me Pink”
Did I like the shade?
Or creative title?
It didn’t matter.
It was my favorite crayon.
But you had to press really hard,
For the color to show.
And now again I’m pressing hard,
Because “All About Me” I want to know.

5 Responses to Tickle Me Pink

  1. student says:


    • DaughterofPearls says:

      🙂 JazakiAllahu khairan…. I debated whether or not to even publish it in the first place because it seemed so personal and I wasn’t sure whether it would click with anyone…but I guess you proved me wrong 😉

  2. hiddensouls says:

    This is screaming out my name in every word and every letter…

  3. shiney says:

    awww…this is so cute masha’Allah! i LOVE it! i miss my childhood too!

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