Blow wind blow!

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a scorching sun
My best friend
the blowing wind.
The Summer breeze.
Even as the sun sets,
my favorite companion
is the blowing wind.

Cannot touch,
cannot hold,
But upon my face
I feel the wind so cold.

A fresh breeze
becomes stronger.
Not humid, not dry, not hot.
Just right.
Perhaps the only thing here
that I cannot complain about.

Invisible and fleeting.
But visits me everwhere I go
and always
Just when it is needed.

So fresh.
moving fast.
So rewarding,
seems to chant:
“Rest has come,
come at last.”

Mercy towards me,
mercy all around.
Blow wind blow!
Blow without a sound.

Not too kind,
gives you just the push you need.
To your soul,
content it seems to feed.

I want to be like the wind:
make my presence appreciated.
Passing by,
spreading joy.

O Summer Breeze, summer wind…
Blow me away!
Blow away my exhaustion
and worry.

On the wings
of this wind.
I would love to go,
love to flow.
But since I can’t
and since I won’t.
My plea remains:
Blow wind blow!



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