I cannot explain

cannot put into words
how deeply
how truly
I am

Wish I was there
glad that I wasn’t
otherwise I may not
have felt this incredibly
and amazingly

It just leaves you quiet
quiet with a smile
and after the smile
all you can say is
I’m really……

They told me of
my best friend
my companion
she remembered me
in her tears
after listening to lyrics
that had left her

I couldn’t be there
but someone of my blood
a little person
strong resemblance
there for a hug
took my place
as if it was me-
I am so

The hug that crossed
such a distance
but never warmer
never friendlier
never to be forgotten
the hug that reached me
without ever a direct

But my heart deep inside
hugged so tight
That’s what it is:
A hug to your heart
that is how you know
that you are truly

And now I am sending
a tear and a hug
to the friend of all friends
I hope it brightens your day
and I hope your heart
feels the hug deep inside.
I hope with these few words
you too will be

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