The World is a Message

The world is a message,
every message loud and clear.
Some messages you see,
some messages you hear.

The world is a message,
a mix of beliefs and thoughts.
The advice and the commands,
The DO’s and DO NOT’s.

Lyrics, poems, conversations
posters, pictures, photographs.
Silent winks, huge smiles,
books, texts, a newspaper rack.

Everyone has their own idea,
their share of what they know.
Some words you ponder through,
some words you must let go.

Some keep you in constant doubt,
others get you curious.
Some messages get you hopeful,
others make you furious.

Am I making sense to you?
Do you know what messages I mean?
Have you felt their weight upon you yet?
Messages heard and seen?

It’s not about the influence,
and it’s not that you follow along.
It’s not that it really matters,
when everyone sings their own song.

But sometimes it gets loud,
and you no longer want to listen.
Sometimes you just don’t want,
any preconceptions given.

I don’t want to know sometimes,
so kindly erase this slate.
To no message at all,
do I want to rely on or relate.

7 Responses to The World is a Message

  1. Sarah says:

    deep, yo.

  2. hiddensouls says:

    very beautiful as usual mashaAllah…
    and yes I agree, very deep!
    missing you…

  3. DaughterofPearls says:

    jazakumAllah khair…i dont think its that deep lol but thanks anyways……
    missing you too ❤

  4. bintAbi says:

    I dont get it

  5. FK says:

    Jazakillahu khairan
    can i subscribe to this blog…….i dont know how can i do that? confused….

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