Never too Young…

I have no idea if you guys will enjoy this as much as I did, maybe I’m just a loser who is amazed by kids and reading….But subhanAllah this girl is so smart…and the best part is she doesn’t break a sweat reading-she makes it look as if its easy for kids her age…

And this report..

SubhanAllah if all Muslim parents could learn to give their children tons of care and attention wallah they would get so far…But I personally see so many parents (arabs at least) that underestimate kids and would rather just put them in a corner and act as if they don’t exist….And discipline them when necessary…Some are just too lazy to sit down and give their kids quality care…even though wallah it doesn’t take all the effort in the world!

May Allah make us all righteous, devoted parents, grant us righteous children, and give us the strength, willpower, and niyah to give them the care they deserve…


One Response to Never too Young…

  1. hiddensouls says:

    LOL 😀

    I better teach myself before I have to teach any kids inshaAllah lol 😛

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