What A Gypsy Wants


Maybe all a gypsy wants
is to settle.
Even if that settling,
comes from being a nomad.

Because she has understood
that settling is not within her tent or town
it is with those who share her thoughts and dreams.

Who live for what she lives for
and finds life as she does.
Every human needs to belong.
And with a sad face some may complain,
“I don’t belong.” or “Where do I belong?”

What they do not know,
is that every human belongs-
to somewhere or something.

It is inevitable.

Their true dillema is that they have not realized
what it is they belong to.

A gypsy has found it with her roaming tribe-
they belong to themselves.

The gypsies of these days may belong to neighborhoods
or to clubs or groups or committees
or to offices or buildings or factories
Or to blogs or forums or facebook groups
Or some simply to a notebook and a pen.

The noblest of all,
who have found their rest and security
belong to the Qur’an.
Do you know now why we say “ahl alquran”?
Do you know now why they are “ahl Allah wa akhisaa’uh”?

Maybe all a gypsy wants is to belong.
And maybe it is all she needs.
And maybe there is a gypsy, singing, dancing, crying, and moving,
within each of our hearts.


One Response to What A Gypsy Wants

  1. Vic says:

    True thought; cute way you put it to words. Thanks for sharing!

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