Work Hard, Play Hard..

So I was talking to a close relative today…my age…and she was like, “Can I ask you something?”
And I’m like ya sure.
And she was like “Why are you so serious? Why do you take life so seriously? It’s not a bad idea to just take it easy and joke around sometimes….

And that started like a two hour conversation about me, and how ya, I am pretty serious I guess, and all the elements of my life that made me that way….How I am in my own world but peoples’ first impression is totally wrong…

My argument though: This is me. Take it or leave it. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone, and I comfortable with myself.  Yes, many many aspects of my personality needs improvement, but being ‘serious’ overall is me.  Anything else just wouldn’t fit…

There’s a time to work, and there is a time to play…
I think everyone should chose when (and how) they want to play.
And I think everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.

And being ‘too serious’ or ‘not serious at all’ is just a point of view right?
We all see the world differently…its all just a matter of perspective…
What’s yours 😉 ?


13 Responses to Work Hard, Play Hard..

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL…you? serious? lol…just kidding…I love your point of view!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh that was me, hiddensouls

  3. DaughterofPearls says:

    Ya I know…I told her some people would highly disagree that I’m serious…but I guess it depends what side of me you get to know 😉

  4. bintAbi says:

    lool, sisters much?

    Just got asked that a couple days ago.

    ‘If i was your age, i would be partaying all the time!’

    But subhanaAllah i went off on the same tangent on how sometimes when u realize that life is serious, you become serious. I see some ppl at times who i pray for them, like man they are just way to ‘joking around’ you need a serious factor in your life, or your just screwed (well i think so)

    • DaughterofPearls says:

      LOL *comforted*
      I guess being serious is in our blood 😀
      But like you said…its a serious FACTOR…not our whole life…

  5. hiddensouls says:

    it’s in the genes…now the next step is to find out the responsible gene, isolate it and be able to pass it on to those who need it…with your science brains, you can do it, you will be millionaires believe me…

    • DaughterofPearls says:

      LOL HS!! I can’t have you misunderstanding me as well!!! We all know that the responsible gene is nowhere to be found 😉 And if there is such a gene, you have your fair share of it!! (Expressed-not just carried)
      Speaking of misconceptions (about me) lol I also found that some people are even scared of me…Can you believe it? Scared? But a good scared I guess :S

      Misunderstood 😥

      • bintAbi says:

        if you have only one person that you are sure that one person knows you then its k to be misunderstood, cuz it doesn’t really matter in the end. its their loss, not yours, and if you don’t have anyone in the end of the day, well you do, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala your creator, he is happy when you plead to him and ask him and talk to him. So find the comfort their cuz it really doesn’t matter about others


  6. DaughterofPearls says:

    so true…..and deep…
    we should all turn to Allah…the hearts and perspectives of people are all under his control anyway….sometimes you love someone and you click and its like indescribable and sometimes you simply don’t like someone and there’s just no connection…and sometimes its a group of someones that just don’t connect with you…whatever…its such a waste of time to worry about…
    ….la hawla wala quwata illa bilAllah…

  7. HiddenSouls says:

    and sometimes, …you have to study but you wish you can blog about your recent life experiences…

    this sucks…i feel my life is passing right through my fingers as days go by and I don’t blog!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s HS but not signed in..

    • DaughterofPearls says:

      SIGH…you can say that again…I have writing-withdrawal-syndrome 😦
      I barely get a chance to write, blog, or even comment on blogs…
      I don’t even have time to scribble notes and thoughts in the margins and the pages in the back of all my notebooks 😦
      InshAllah we will get a chance to blog…someday…
      Maybe the day we get organized??

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