“Al-Wadood, Al-Walood”

*Disclaimer: a bit of music in the background-but then the talking starts*

Demographics, Statistics, Numbers….almost hard to believe…subhanAllah..

Marry the loving and the fertile, for indeed I will try to outnumber (the previous nations) through you on the Day of Resurrection.”



3 Responses to “Al-Wadood, Al-Walood”

  1. hiddensouls says:

    I find it hilarious how scared he is…

  2. bintAbi says:

    shivers are takkking over! SubhanAllah!

    He seemed horrified eh? ‘Its time for change’ poor thing, if only he knew lol

  3. Sarah says:

    Fertility rate solution – have babies young 😉 ahaha jokes 🙂 He’s too worried about immigration – just get married and have some kids dude.
    But seriously – they wait too long man.
    Wait – how’s a child ‘Islamic?’ He’s MUSLIM. Sheesh.

    As a smack in the face to us – it don’t matter we outnumber them. We’re still getting beat up every day, in our own homes… ‘like the foam of the sea.’ SubhanAllah… May Allah swt grant us righteous, pious leaders… Ameen.

    He didn’t mention conversion rates – does he realize his own people are leaving their religion for Islam?

    Okay lol I think I’m over analyzing this 🙂

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