So…I started reading a book this morning called Zeitoun

I haven’t read any reviews, or even a summary..so I don’t know what it is about…It is nonfiction though-based on a true story of a Muslim family.  Abdurhama Zeitoun, a Syrian American, Kathy his wife, and their kids…It takes place in New Orleans…I think it has something to do with the hurricae Katrina.. So far, I’m on page 40, and I like it…It’s very real and the author gets you in the mood…

So this is not a recommendation for the book…but an invitation to read it with me (or after me, cuz I’m going to try to finish it these two days…). I found it in my house but you can find it at Chapters (or Borders/Barnes and Noble/whatever)…

Feel free to share reflections here! InshAllah I will be doing so as I go along with the book!


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