He’s My Daddy

He makes you feel
like life is alright.
Gets really protective
when your clothes are too tight.

Puts his hand on your shoulder
just when you want to collapse.
The world tells you worry
But he tells you to “chillax”

He sees what’s best for you
when Mommy’s blinded with love.
He sees the big picture,
And surveys from above.

He’s the ultimate backup,
when Mommy says “NO”
But he’s also the one
who always said so.

He’s the absolute best
for a drive in the car
He spills all the secrets
and dreams really far.

He puts money in his pocket
and never in his heart
Beating the system is his skill
enforcing it his art.

His cup is always half full
and it never goes empty
He teaches you to never generalize
and never know envy.

As a kid you slept soundly
only when Daddy was there
Because he can totally rip out
any trespasser’s hair.

Daddy’s the one for travel
He’s got the whole day planned.
Smiles at the world’s culture
and appreciates no-man’s-land.

He’s our ride to the masjid
Makes you love the Deen
For books and for knowledge
he makes you eager and keen

He’s Plato, He’s Darwin,
he’s Ibn Sina’s consutlant.
He’s Ibn Battuta’s travel guide
And Ibn Hazm’s Al-Andalusy’s editor…

No, he’s even better…
He’s My Daddy.


One Response to He’s My Daddy

  1. hiddensouls says:

    really really sweet mashaAllah 🙂

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