And yet another Gem..

February 21, 2010

I miss blogging.

Today, I needed to talk to someone wise. I remembered one of the names of Allah azza wa jal is Al-Hakeem, The All-Wise. Whatever it is you need, seek it from God.

Half a year…

February 20, 2010

The subway is my pondering station. I don’t know how the time flies on it, but it does. Maybe it’s because I hardly use it, so when I do get on it, it feels like an experience every time. The people you see, the sounds you hear, the air you feel brushing against your face as the trains come to a stop, it’s all part of the experience.

How long does it take someone to get used to something? How long does it take for change to become normalcy again? I think it all depends on how busy a person is. SubhanaAllah, the days pass by and we don’t even realize it. It’s been a bit over a year since the move and it seems funny to think that much time has passed! What’s even more funny is that, it is during the visits home, that things don’t feel normal, like you’re not in your zone anymore…

The city is beautiful. Coming back to the island from Queens last night, you could see all the lit buildings, thousands and thousands of lights, decorating hundreds of buildings, different heights into the sky…But what was really beautiful about the view was the moon. It was ever so bright, like half a bowl, hanging there in the sky…and it was awesome to see the creation of man underneath and the creation of God above it. It was just one of those views that made you smile and feel happy for no certain reason. And while I’m usually a fan of nature, there was something about all the lights and the buildings that was nice when you zoomed out. It was a change from the green I guess. It was different. Now zooming in, you enter the city and progress through its hallway like streets, and reality hits again with a cop chasing a flying car, the horns playing a musical in the streets, and the yellow cabs zooming by. You finally get home. You’re in your little cubicle apartment and you add to the lit windows by turning on your lights. It’s quite here, sheltered from it all, alhamdulillah…

This city is one of a kind.

Corrected+My new game+the little things

February 3, 2010

1. Corrected.
This morning, my sis was like “where are the car keys??” and im like “hung up, downstairs, like always!” and she was like “they are not here!”, and im like “Yes they are!!!” (and they were). And I dont know if I said this or thought this but I’m like…of course they are there. I never ever ever ever lose the car keys cuz im sooo predictable and alert and I always always put them where they belong…

A few hours later, im walking out of a store, and I open my bag to get out those same keys. they are not there. no seriously, they are not there.. “walduha, walduha…” i read and search frantically but they are not there…. so i check my pockets: cell phone, tissues, extra buttons, ipod, headphones, more tissues….no KEYS! okay..don’t panic let me just walk up to the…..
where is the car?
I can’t see the car either!!
okay let me check my bag again…no, no no keys!
And then of course I panic. I had hung up my coat for a while inside, someone must have found the keys in my pocket, took them and is now cruising happily along while I am about to go into cardiac arrest!

And then I see a Muslim sister I know in the parking lot… She smiles, “assalamualaikum!…” and she sees me pale and emptying out everything and she’s like “malek? (what’s wrong)” .
And I’m like “I cant find the keys or the car!” (Drama, anyone??)
“Okay, calm down…” and she starts half hugging me half checking my bag…panic within me rises and then-
I pull the keys out of my pocket.
They were there the whole time but I guess I was just blinded to it….
I think I was temporarily blinded from them for a lesson. To be corrected. I don’t always always always put them in the right spot. I don’t never ever lose them. Because im human and prone to error.

With her arm still around my shoulder, she leaves her car and stuff and starts walking so we can now find the car… But by this point, I am already relieved. I just needed to find one item: the car or the keys so that the nightmare image of the happy crusin’ thief could fade away. So finding the car should be no problem, inshAllah. And then, panic no longer clouding my vision or thought, I see the car…I parked it a little farther than usual- but it seems to be part of the plan that I was unaware of.

I feel humbled and stand corrected.

(And I love when you see random Muslim sisters you know in times of need. It is like the barakah of Islam that radiates everywhere 🙂 That sister also gained a special place in my heart…SubhanAllah …)

2. My new game. I found a new game…on my iPod, under ‘games’ (which i never before bothered to check out) there is a ‘music quiz’…of course it quizzes you on whatever is on your iPod. Alhamdulilah right now mine is mostly quran so what happens is it lets you hear like 20 seconds of a random part in the surah and gives you five choices and you have to pick the right one as fast as possible…. (and then if i get a nasheed its like a freebie)…oh and as the time counts down, some of the choices dissapear, so the faster you get it, the higher you score. Anyway thats one beneficial activity for the plane ride.

3. It is the little things in life that make it special. Like the snow, yesterday. It was really, really sparkling. Like sparkling, and smiling, and shining. And beautiful. It was like diamonds falling from the sky….so soft and so sparkly… All this khayr keeps coming down and subhanAllah so much shar keeps rising up…and khayr too…but only khayr desecends.. And seriously, if your heart no longer takes delight in the small things, like snowflakes, and sunlight, and (travel reservation glitches that earn you a couple more days!!! alhamdulillah! which also leads to the missing-a-day-of-school-small-delight)… Anyway if these small, simple things don’t bring you happiness…then…well, you are missing out. And if you want to rekindle your small-things-are-the-best-spirit…hang out with any little unspoiled simple kid and see things from their eyes!