My Latest Poetry…

WOW i havent blogged for so long…I wanted to post and I forgot I had to sign in!

Anyway, I can’t put a post for each of my poems separately right now so here they are  (word documents):

The Cry of Dry Ink (for palestine)

Simple Tortures (for mama)

Imitation (for the Sunnah)

(also for mama…literature-wise it doesn’t score too high…but give me a point for creativity?? :

فاقد الشيء لا يعطيه

more later inshAllah that is it for now 😀

9 Responses to My Latest Poetry…

  1. hiddensouls says:

    OH MY GOD !! I thought I came to the wrong blog when I saw the post above!!
    Man it’s gonna take me a while to get through these 😀 jazakillahu khairan for posting!!! 😀
    miss you!

  2. Dania says:

    Dude, you should so hear my rap for ‘faqed al amal!’ im so G! 😀

  3. DOP says:

    LOL you rapped it? Tell me it when I call inshAllah!!

  4. MashAllah, the first poem is beautiful. So true it hurts. What can you say? How could you possibly put to words what is happening, when you can’t fully comprehend it, experience it?

    Barak Allah feeki, DOP. That brought tears to my eyes ='(

    As for the rest, I’ll get to them in time inshAllah. I should use them as motivation to study, loool!

    • DOP says:

      Wa barakAllahu feeki S&S…
      May I suggest reading “Imitation, Love’s Manifestation” (labeled Imitation) next?
      It was pretty popular with the people I shared i with here…

  5. student says:

    That. was. wow. ..When I think of better words to describe my emotions I’ll get back to you….

    .. Masha Allah. That. was. wow. (..and repeat)

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